Church Marketing plans and the power of NO!

Think of your church marketing plan like your budget.

Before putting pen to paper, you pray, seek God’s vision for the church, establish goals, set your calendar.

With your church’s vision, mission, goals and calendar in mind, you can begin developing your church marketing plan.

Everything that is proposed should be tested.

Does it match the vision, mission and goals of the church?

If yes, consider investing resources.

If the proposal — publicity, technology, outreach, ministry — does not fit with the vision, mission and goals of the church, or if God has not provided the resources, then the answer is no.

There is great power in “no” and, when it comes to church marketing, I believe “no” should be employed to practice good stewardship of the resources and the plan God has provided.

Does this mean that you don’t meet needs that come up?

Does this mean that you can’t change course?

No, it doesn’t mean that at all. Needs will arise. Changes and adjustments might be appropriate. Just be discerning.

Churches (or any organizations) that say yes to all opportunities without following a plan soon find that the resources are dried up and goals are not met.

Take time to develop a church marketing plan. Then be protective of it. Stick to it. Develop strategies that keep you on track. And be able to say no to things that pull you away from the plan.

How does your church employ the power of no?


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