It’s the prayingest little church

Some friends of ours attend a small church in a rural Missouri community.

I know three things about the church:

  • It’s a small congregation
  • Much of the congregation is elderly
  • It’s the prayingest little church

I’ve never met them, but I love the people of this church. You know why?

They understand that they are equipped to be prayer warriors. That’s their calling and their gift.

It’s tempting to say that they know their physical limitations and do the one thing they can do, which is pray. But that’s a cop out, isn’t it?  Because we all know that there is nothing more powerful than prayer.

One woman, our friend who attends the church, shares a pretty regular post on Facebook:

Please let us know of any prayer requests or praises you would like to share with us. May God’s love and peace fill your hearts throughout this upcoming week.

And people respond with prayer requests!

They know that our friend will take those requests back to the church and the people there will intercede.

Who knows? God might be doing more through this little rural church than any multi-million-dollar mega church in the nation. Simply because the folks there are yielding to their God-given strengths and they’re obedient to the task of prayer.

How are you and your church employing your God-given talents to serve the Kingdom?

Is fervent prayer an integral part of your ministry?


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