My New Year resolutions

Today, we celebrate the dawning of a new year.

2014 is a blank slate. How are you going to fill it?

I’ve heard several people bash the idea of making New Years resolutions — mostly because such resolutions are rarely kept. I disagree with the naysayers. I feel we need to look forward and embrace and pursue new goals. But we need to understand that we’re making resolutions — not wishes.

A resolution is a determined decision. There’s nothing wishy-washy about that.

Like your church marketing plans, I advise you to pray for true resolutions, think through them clearly, and put your resolutions in writing. Be accountable.

So, to be transparent, I’m putting some of my resolutions in writing on this blog.

Love people more. After reading the book Love Does by Bob Goff and attending the Love Does Austin conference and having God’s love revealed to me in ways I never knew, I’m determined to make some changes in the way I engage others, beginning with my  family. I want to be more like Christ and truly love people.

Be adventurous. I’ve been playing it too safe. I’m a guy with three sons. I see such adventure in them and I realize that I’m missing out on so much by not joining in their adventures and exploring more with them.

Give more. I don’t know exactly what this looks like, but I know I want to give more. Maybe it’s money. Maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s sharing my God-given gifts and talents. To give of yourself is to be obedient. And, again, I’ve been playing it too safe in this area. God has blessed us with resources, talents and spiritual gifts, and those are to be shared. God has also promised to provide. We need to be sacrificial in our giving and have faith in His promised provision.

Devote more time to God. I don’t give Him enough of me. I never have. This includes prayer and time in the Word.

As we enter 2014, I pray that you have a wonderful year where each day you witness and acknowledge God’s presence in your life.

What are your resolutions?


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