When you miss church, do you really miss it?

I missed church yesterday.

My oldest son had a baseball tournament.

I missed seeing my friends and worshiping together. I missed the music. I missed the preaching. I missed my Sunday School class and studying and discussing the Word together.

When I miss church, I feel I lose out on something. I feel that I miss the many blessings that come with corporate worship.

For my family, attending church is a must. It’s not legalism or ceremony. It’s community. It’s Christian fellowship and friendship. And, most of all, it’s time we gather as a family of believers to worship our Risen Savior.

Do you have the same experience?

When life pulls you away from attending your local church, do you feel you’re missing something special?

If not, why?

If attending church is, for you, an optional experience — something to do only if needed — why is that?

If you’re on the church leadership team, what are you seeing in your congregation?

Are the majority of the people in the pews regular attendees? Or are they of the “we go if time and schedule permits” variety?

Take time to answer those questions.

Find out why the people love to be at your church and continue to build on those strengths.

Find out why the others are skipping. If possible, ask them why. Listen to their reasons and make adjustments as needed.


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