Church Marketing: 1 Church, 20,000 locations

I often wonder if Christ is happy with our current system of hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of Christian denominations.

Most of my family is Catholic. I grew up Catholic. Now I attend the Baptist Church. I have my reasons.

My mother and stepfather attend the Methodist Church. We have friends who are members of the Church of Christ. Some are Lutheran. Some friends are members of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International church system. Others go to churches that are members of the Southern Baptist Convention. I know Episcopalians and Presbyterians.

For myriad reasons, we’d all probably say our flavor of Christianity is the “right one.” This is nothing new. In the Bible, we read that some believers followed the teachings of Paul. Some followed the teachings of Peter.

Somewhere along the line, an “us versus them” mentality developed. I believe it’s the wrong message to send.

As Christians, let’s do our best to reframe the church marketing message. I’m not suggesting that we give up our titles of Baptist and Lutheran and Presbyterian. I’m suggesting that we show in very visible ways that we accept and love each other as true believers and followers of the risen Christ and, together, we’re all working to be the hands and feet of our Savior.

As Christians, in our communities and abroad, let’s adopt a simple, yet strong, church marketing message that says: “We’re the body of Christ.”


How does your church work together with other Christian denominations for the betterment of your community?


Learn more about Hands and Feet Marketing and how a simple smile, a thank you note or a handshake can reach people for Christ.


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