Church Marketing: When ‘the same’ can be lame

If God intended us all to look and act the same, he would’ve made us that way.

Instead, he made us each unique. He equipped us with different personalities, different gifts and different talents.

Therefore, it’s impossible for any two churches to be the same.

So why do we try to do the impossible?

Your church, your congregation, your team is here to glorify God, to share the love of  Christ, and to spread the Gospel.

I believe God has given us a lot of freedom to develop ways to meet those objectives. If you’re doing something that works, don’t scrap it because it doesn’t look the same as the “church down the street.”

If your Sunday School class meets on Tuesday and it’s working, keep doing it!

If you scrapped VBS and launched sports camps and they’re working, keep doing it!

If you’re knocking on doors in your neighborhood and praying with your neighbors, keep knocking!

If contemporary music compels people to try out your church, keep rockin’!

If your choir is incredible and people are worshiping and encountering God, don’t give up on it.

If your small groups meet in houses instead of church classrooms, and it’s working, call on more people to open their doors.

Yes, it’s okay to see something work at another church and try it at yours. But you’ll probably have to make some tweaks to address the needs of your community.

It’s okay to be different. God made us that way.

What are some “different” church marketing strategies that are working in your church? Inspire others. Share your ideas.


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