Church Marketing: I shoulda just changed the light bulbs

Right now, in our home office, there are two light bulbs that are burned out.

I’d like to say they just died. but it’s been several days. Maybe a week.

Each time I walk in the room, I think: “I really need to fix that.” Instead, I decide to ignore the problem, walk out of the room and forget.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Despite the many reminders, the problem still exists. The light bulbs won’t change themselves. And when I finally take the five minutes to do it in a few days, I’ll think: “That wasn’t too hard. Shoulda done that a week ago.”

It’s the same with ministry opportunities.

How many times do we drive past the homeless person? How many days in a row can we watch our elderly neighbor’s leaves pile up? How many times can our friend request prayer for something that we could easily fix or assist with? How many times do we think of our grandparents and put off making the call?

The Holy Spirit constantly prompts us and reminds us of things we can be doing to minister to others.

How many times are we going to ignore the promptings? How many times are we going to pass up the blessings?

Make the decision right now to act the next time you’re prompted by the Holy Spirit to help someone.


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