Lose the silos. Build on combined strengths.

Churches, like many institutions, often operate out of silos.

Worship has its thing.

Youth is doing its thing.

Evangelism/outreach/missions is doing what it does best.

Communications/marketing is going from group to group, trying to organize something — anything! — to get the word out.

Nobody knows what anybody else is doing.

Churches need to eliminate these silos. And some of these areas need to begin working together immediately.

Based on this idea of hands and feet marketing, I believe that if you combine your outreach team with your communication/marketing team, you’ll greatly improve your church marketing efforts.

Both areas can learn from each other. Working together, the communications team (usually bogged down in printed and web materials) will see the importance of building face-to-face relationships and the outreach team will learn new ways to get their stories in front of people.

2014 is approaching. Take the next few weeks to evaluate your staff and your teams. See if any of your teams could be combined in some way to maximize the effects of their respective strenghts.

Has your church combined teams and efforts to maximize the impact on God’s kingdom?

Share your challenges. Share your success stories.


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