Today’s the day. Are you ready?

All of your praying and planning for Christmas comes down to this day and this night.

Tonight, you’re having your Christmas Eve service. People you’ve never seen before are going to be there.

Some are coming because a friend invited them.

Some are coming because their parents are dragging them.

Some are coming because they just have a feeling they need to be there.

Some are coming because their life has taken a terrible turn and they’re looking for something, ANYTHING, to cling to.

What are these people going to experience tonight when they visit your church?

Our prayer:

Dear Jesus, may You be present in all things this Christmas. May Your light shine through us and through our times of worship. And may all who walk through our doors and shake our hands and receive our smiles see only You. Thank you for coming into this world to shine Your light and to offer salvation. May all who hear Your word accept the free gifts of grace, forgiveness and everlasting life. Amen

Merry Christmas to you all!

The Eckerts

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