Church Marketing: Don’t try to sell a free gift

So often, I find myself trying to “sell” people on Christianity.

The benefits are great, I tell them.

[Insert maniacal car dealer voice here and add wild hand gestures]

With the FREE acceptance of Christ’s gift of salvation TODAY, you can also have the added bonuses of forgiveness, unconditional love, grace AND ETERNAL LIFE! All at the low low LOW price of … nothing.

I wonder if we should stop trying to sell the benefits of Christianity and, instead, exhibit the benefits of Christianity and simply tell our stories of God’s love for us.

Here are some ideas:

  • Extend forgiveness
  • Give grace
  • Show unconditional love
  • Serve others
  • Tell your salvation story
  • Share the Gospel

It’s not our job to sell Christ. It’s our job to give testimony and pray. It’s our job to be like Christ, obey His commands, and share the Gospel.

When we do these things, Christ is revealed in us and people see the difference. And with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we pray that they will reach out to the Father and accept the free and glorious gift that only He can give.

How have you exhibited the love of Christ today?


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One thought on “Church Marketing: Don’t try to sell a free gift

  1. I agree! Don’t sell…tell! Your story of what Jesus has done for you is the most persuasive marketing for those who need to hear about the benefits of Christianity and would be normally turned off by church. If they can hear and see the effects of Christianity in real people they will show real interest!

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