Church Marketing: Mrs. Dickinson’s example

Since we launched the Hands and Feet Marketing website last summer, some of our readers have written to us and shared wonderful testimonies of ministries and outreach activities that they’ve seen or done.

The following story was submitted by Doug, a pastor in Texas. He shares about a lady named Mrs. Dickinson who never abandoned her mission to reach out to others — even as her own life on Earth was coming to an end.

Here’s Doug’s story about Mrs Dickinson:

Several years ago, Mrs. Dickinson had been in bad health, and I heard she may not have many days left to live. I was the associate pastor of her church and was very concerned about her. So I drove over to her home, and as I was arriving, I was surprised to see her slowly coming out of her front door. I asked her what she was doing. She told me that she was sad that her neighbor’s husband had passed away. She had prepared a casserole and was taking it to her. I was dumbfounded! It wasn’t that many months after this that Mrs. Dickinson went on to be with the Lord. I’ll never forget how she loved and ministered to others until the very end.

Do you know someone like Mrs. Dickinson? Do you think others could benefit from hearing the story?

Our hope is that this community of blog readers will share stories to inspire each other and to give us the courage to share our witness through our actions, to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to our neighbors.

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